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Student Research Projects

As mentioned in the slides used during the bachelor thesis market, there are many opportunities for research projects within the Software Science group! Projects are available on the following themes:

  1. Learning and Testing (Frits Vaandrager, Jan Tretmans, Pieter Koopman)
  2. Verified and Dependable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Nils Jansen)
  3. Developing trustworthy algorithms to evaluate system dependability (Sebastian Junges)
  4. Model-Based Software Engineering (Daniel Strueber)
  5. Software Product Lines (Daniel Strueber)
  6. Embedded Systems (Mathijs Schuts, Frits Vaandrager, Nils Jansen)
  7. Task Oriented and Functional Programming (Pieter Koopman, Peter Achten)
  8. HPC, Compiler Technology, and Array Programming (Sven-Bodo Scholz)
  9. Foundations (Herman Geuvers, Cynthia Kop, Hans Zantema)
  10. Type Theory (Herman Geuvers, Freek Wiedijk)
  11. Formal Proofs (Freek Wiedijk, Herman Geuvers)
  12. Program verification with types and logic (Robbert Krebbers)
  13. Foundations and analysis of models of computation (Jurriaan Rot)
  14. Computing Education (Sjaak Smetsers, Erik Barendsen)
  15. Change Impact Analysis (Dennis Hendriks)

Some of the listed topics (especially internships at companies) are only suitable as an MSc project. For most topics however, both a bachelor and master thesis project can be defined, as well as research internships within the department.

There are many opportunities for doing internships abroad. In fact, we will be happy to help you to arrange an internship at any place on earth where serious software science research is being carried out. For instance at the Max Planck institutes in Germany, where we have multiple ongoing research collaborations and where several internships are available.

Bachelor thesis projects are written within the context of the corresponding course. General info about the process of doing your master thesis, including the administrative procedure, is available at the Master Thesis Lab webpages.